Band Instrument Rentals

» Local band director approved 
» Early pay-off discount
» Used, "Like New", and New options
» Purchase at anytime using rental equity
» Competitive, flexible, & simple rent-to-own program
» Maintenance and insurance included
» Month-to-month agreement. Return at anytime!
» No purchase obligation

Orchestra Instrument Rentals

» Local orchestra director approved
» Sizes available for any age. Equity carries from size to size!
» Used, "Like New", and New options
» Maintenance and insurance included
» Free local pick-up and delivery
» Upgrade or purchase at anytime using rental equity
» Month-to-month agreement. Return at anytime!

Stop by any of our Allegro or Affiliate locations
to get an instrument today!

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Select the subject below for details regarding key elements of our agreement

Required Parent/Renter Information 
  • Full Name
  • Birth Date
  • SS#
  • Current Home Address
  • Phone#
  • Employer (If none, spouse or reference employment information must be given)
  • Spouse's Name (If none reference is required)
  • Spouse Phone#
  • Spouse Employer
  • Reference: Name, Address, Phone of relative or friend not living with you.
  • Credit/Debit Card (Must be present) for monthly debit *required

All Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted For Automatic Payments

No Deposit Required

Pay first months' rent only. If renting in person cash payments are accepted, however,  please be prepared to swipe your preferred monthly debit card for enrollment purposes. Thank you.

Month To Month - Cancelling Our Agreement

Cancelling your agreement is as simple as returning it to your nearest location. PLEASE, DO NOT return your instrument to your teacher unless you've both communicated with us AND your teacher! Often times instruments are left without warning at school, assuming auto payments will end, however...your contract CANNOT be ended until we have your instrument in our possession.

Rental Instrument Repairs

INCLUDED in your contract, repairs on average can take up to a week to be completed, and returned to you. In some cases they can be repaired on the spot. Bring your instrument to any of our Allegro or affiliate locations, and never to an outside source (ESPECIALLY someone who is not qualified).

Please note: We do NOT simply exchange or loan instruments under most circumstances. 

Understand the instrument you've rented is a fine quality product that can be repaired many times without any noticeable tone or playability differences. We want you to get to know that instrument well, because doing so enables you to learn quicker and accomplish more.

Making Payments

Automatic Payments are a required method of payment to rent our instruments. Keep in mind cash and other payment methods (with the exception of checks) are acceptable, but only after you've entered our agreement. Just be sure to make that upcoming payment before your monthly auto debit day.

All Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted For Automatic Payments

Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions



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